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It’s been over a month since I had the pleasure of participating in Qmatic’s fabulously attended Great Experience Event in Istanbul, plenty of time to reflect on the event’s messages and compare them to the world around me ever since.


I still love Carl Hynes describing how Barclays Bank invited customers into a studio to build a “cardboard branch”, literally using card and tape to imagine their ideal branch and the physical journey through it.


I was intrigued to listen to Jonathan Browne of Forrester explaining to us how the race to improve customer experience is driving “consumer expectation inflation”, making the brands that serve us work harder to stay in our good books. It’s a message that feels intuitively right but it was fascinating to witness the data.


Mina Bance from Guys & St Thomas’ Hospital asked us rhetorically if it “still counts as an experience if a patient is asleep through a procedure ?” before explaining to us just how and why it matters.


With an international cast of 20 speakers including case study presenters from banking, health and government telling their own stories of designing and delivering Great Experience alongside industry experts commenting on trends and sharing best practice, the event provided a melting pot of fresh insightful knowledge which was lapped up hungrily by over 150 delegates from 43 countries.


As I prepare for my next major event, a four day Cx Masterclass for the APAC banking sector in Kuala Lumpur, I can’t help reflecting on the power of such events and the contrast between what organisations say and what they do.


I remain deeply concerned that many organisations that I talk to behave as if “digital” is the only thing that matters. The on line world is extremely important but no more so than face to face. Smart brands know that 86% of all consumer transactions complete in face to face space. F2F is the last and most important touch point in the buying cycle, from online research to payment/fulfilment.


That’s what Great Experience 2014 was all about. GE 2014 evidenced that to get the best NPS score out of your customers you need face to face experience to meet the expectations of digitally savvy customers. Qmatic’s smart new software platform,orchestrates the journey from on line research to off line fulfilment making seamless Omni-channel experiences a reality.


Digital teams love the fact that they get such comprehensive data around the on line journey and that in part is why it’s so much easier to focus on m-commerce and e-commerce. Sadly with only 14% of transactions closing in digital space this provides a far from complete picture of real customer experiences.


So isn’t it great that Qmatic’s know how and solutions can provide the “cookies” around the physical journey enabling a profound understanding of the blockers and drivers of great experience in the Omni channel journey?


Thank you Qmatic Team and please keep up the great work. Still innovating every day.