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As The Voice of Customer Experience, Terry works in the challenging space where the organisations that serve us strive to apply the latest thinking, change management techniques and technology to improve their cross channel customer experience whilst improving operational efficiency.


Terry works with and advises a number of retailers and banks and in the public sector. This work includes a number of “internships”, where learning is shared in order to develop practical frameworks which address the real issues that organisations face in offering service to their customers and patients.  Terry has worked with most of the major brands in retail and retail banking and remains in regular contact with them. He is an advisor to the change team at Guys & St Thomas’ hospital .



Terry’s unique strategy of “Comb, Create, Communicate” has been designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of applied best practice in the field of “Omni-Channel meets Customer Experience”. He uses this knowledge to stimulate thinking across the customer experience arena offering these organisations, practical insights which will help them to deliver superior experiences as efficiently as possible.


Terry continues to work closely with Qmatic, the company of which he is a co-founder –helping them to develop and deliver their strategy in connecting f2f service and experiences into the digital world.  They work to deliver a fairer, faster service and build a brands reputation through rich and seamless omni-channel experiences.  


Starting Out...

After an Economics degree at Warwick University Terry started his career in the automotive industry, joining Peugeot not long after they had bought Chrysler Europe for £1. His formal training programme ended suddenly when he was asked to go and manage a motor show stand in Scotland.  It was in this week that the company announced a closure of a local major manufacturing plant. Despite this he sold his first car! 

Moving into dealer development was a fabulous grounding for what came later. Learning the power of persuasion by encouraging and nurturing individuals and teams to improve their performance became something that came naturally to him. 

Joining UniqueAir, a successful mobile phone company that later sold to Vodafone for £50million and Marketing with Dunlop Tyres gave him more big company experiences but he has since found that  working in smaller companies that has given him the greatest enjoyment. 

Career development…
Terry joined an SME called Tensator in the late Eighties and discovered product development.  Here he worked at growing the sales of the company’s Tensabarrier range to over £3million and the business subsequently won a Queen’s Awards for Export. Selling a 17 pence seat belt spring for £99 in a Tensbarrier created very strong margins and although the owners went bust, the company survived because they had a full order book and strong cashflow. As a Co-Founder of “Qm” Terry became the voice of “Cashier Number Three Please!” and grew the business successfully, supplying retailers and banks in the UK & USA with their queueing technology.

In 2004 they sold the business to the management team and Terry remained as Deputy Chairman to help out. Working alongside the VCs they prepared the business for the next exit and two years later sold again to Swedish VCs Altor Equity Partners. They also bought the company’s Swedish rivals Qmatic.

Today the merged business works in 130 countries and roughly a quarter of the world’s population uses a Qmatic each year.   

Thinking Big…
In 1993 Terry came to the attention of The DTI’s Innovation Unit having been working with The Design Council to promote product development as a way to grow sales and margins. He was asked to apply my Sales & Marketing skills to the task of making UK SME’s more innovation aware and to change their behaviours. He did this part time for ten years and wrestled with the challenges of working with and through public sector bodies. He raised over £5.5 million of private sector sponsorship to support the projects he created, founding the Enterprise Network page in The Sunday Times and regularly chairing and speaking at events and appearing on local radio promoting the practical aspects of “market led innovation”. 

During this time he worked on “The Winning Report”, the most requested ever DTI publication and still relevant to business today. 

Terry went on to Chair the Retail Strategy Task Group and the Foresight Retail & Consumer Services Panel, and has also been a Board Member of The Marketing Council and a member of the Engineering Employer’s External Affairs Committee. 

His first book, You’re Next, was published by Marshall Cavendish in 2011 and Terry featured on local radio,  TV chat shows and even on the TV Game Show, Odd One In. He is a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts & Commerce. 

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