"An insightful and refreshing look at the way consumers and retailers interact in this modern age.”

Sir Stuart Rose,
Chairman of Marks & Spencer plc

All royalties to The Princes' Trust

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There are two versions of Terry’s book, depending upon whether you want hardback or paperback. All of the royalties from both books are pledged to the Prince’s Trust for whom Terry is a volunteer business mentor – helping young people to start and grow their own businesses.


Essentially, the two versions of the book tell the same story (although the paperback has a few slight updates).  The books show that if you work hard on understanding customer behaviour and the psychology behind it in face to face environments then you can deliver superior customer experiences  in a way which maximises sales and increases customers loyalty whilst lowering the cost of doing business.


The books have gone down extremely well as the testimonials and customer reviews below will say:

“Great book written in an easy to read narrative style. Its makes the science (and art) of queue management interesting and highly relevant to how you treat your customers, staff and your whole engagement/value model.”

“This book is a fascinating look at the art and science of queue management, written with an easy going and clear style that makes the topic extremely approachable and thoroughly enjoyable. Think you don't care about queuing? Well, if you ever go to a shop, bank or restaurant, or you ever call a company for help, you'd be amazed to find out what goes into minimizing your wait and making that wait time pleasant - and you'll be even more amazed (and disappointed) at the companies that don't seem to follow what is in many ways self-evident advice and effectively treat their customers with disdain because their focus is in the wrong place. Many of the queue management techniques appear to be "obvious" ideas - and yes, much of it is common sense; but common sense, as they say, is perhaps not so common.”

“Once I had started the book it was difficult to put down as each chapter delivers new glimpses into how a business can help its customers and itself in the same process. The 'shopping safari' delivered some memorable moments and was particularly enjoyable. I recommend both the Safari and the book to every CEO & Board member as a journey they should most definitely undertake!”

“Cashier Number Three takes you on a journey through the world of setting up a business, what to do and what not to do. Terry's understanding of the world of Customer Service and how vital it is, is second to none. The commentary is extremely useful as well as humorous and in many cases an interesting insight in to human behaviour. For those looking to start up a business, particularly in the retail sector this is an informative and enjoyable read.”

You're Next!You’re Next: How one company changed the way we shop.

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Cashier Number 3 Please

Cashier Number Three Please: Creating fairer faster service

Paperback: £6.99 RRP

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