"An insightful and refreshing look at the way consumers and retailers interact in this modern age.”

Sir Stuart Rose,
Chairman of Marks & Spencer plc

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Terry Green, the Voice of Customer Experience, has researched and written a white paper using real data from a major UK retailer to emphasise the impact of face to face customer experience on Net Promoter Scores.  


86% of all consumer transactions are still closed in the face to face environment, it is this final leg of the experience that remains with a customer and has a disproportionate effect on their recollection of the process and how it is judged.


He takes the reader on a journey through Customer Loyalty, questioning whether Digital trumps face to face and explains how to win friends and influence customers.  He summarises how the face to face transaction impacts on NPS and the economics of Promoters vs Detractors.  Supported with data from a major UK retailer he demonstrates how additional revenues of £92 million are available to that retailer through successful investment in superior face to face experiences.


To read the white paper in full.