"An insightful and refreshing look at the way consumers and retailers interact in this modern age.”

Sir Stuart Rose,
Chairman of Marks & Spencer plc

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Transforming Branches and the Branch Network.

Author: David Kerstein


A very interesting presentation from Peak Performance Consulting Group on Transforming Branches and the Branch network. 


Customer Experience Articles & Tips

Author: Sven-Olof Husmark


Description: More than ever before, success depends on being able to offer a customer experience that is unique and more attractive than the competition. An experience that empowers customers so that they can decide the best way to interact with a service provider, e.g. a store, a bank branch, a public office or a hospital.


Link: How iBeacons, The Internet of Things and How This Relates to Great Service

Slide Show of How iBeacons can be used to connect to service and improve customer experience

Author: Sven-Olof Husmark


Description: If you have ever wondered  - this is why you wait in line and this is why you hate it.


Author: Smith & Co


Description: Various topics, including: How do you define customer experience, The top 10 tips for managing customer experience, Customer Loyalty, Turning customers into advocates, Organisational alignment, The people factor, The power of instinct in customer experience, Customer experience in your contact centre.






Customer Experience Management Articles


Author: Clear Action


Description: Numerous including Customer Experience Management Benchmarking Study 2011.






Best of Customer Experience


Author: Jay Ehret - The Marketing Spot.


Description: Best of all articles condensed into one study.






Understanding A Customer's emotions is essential to a positive Customer experience


Author: Rainmaker Group.


Description: Understanding A Customer's emotions essential to a positive Customer experience including "what we can all learn about Customer Service from Ozzy Osbourne!"!






Customer Advocacy Behaviour


Author: Michael Lowenstein


Description: Including free e book on 10 big ideas on Customer Experience Management.






Christopher Elliot


Author: Christopher Elliot


Description: Bills himself as a Consumer advocate, author and journalist.






Customer Advocacy and Brand Development


Author: Christopher Lawer and Simon Knox


Description: Customer Advocacy and Brand Development.






The Future of Shopping 


Author: Darrell Rigby - Harvard Business School 






Omnichannel retailing

Author: Darrell Rigby - Bain & Company




We're ready for the Omnichannel Revolution - Are you? 

Author: Lisa Arthur - Forbes




As Internet Sales Grow, Retailers go omni-channel. 

Author: Knowledge Wharton




Mobile POS in the age of omni-channel 




The Economics of Omni-Channel



3 Ways Omni-Channel Retailing can bring in bigger spenders



Time from Branch Optmisation




5 Ways to Optimise the Branch 





Why Waiting in Line is Torture