"An insightful and refreshing look at the way consumers and retailers interact in this modern age.”

Sir Stuart Rose,
Chairman of Marks & Spencer plc

All royalties to The Princes' Trust

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"Who would have thought that a book about queuing could be that interesting? At times you forget it's a business book as it reads more like a novel. It is fascinating to see how Terry grew his company and developed his products further and further.
It is easy to relate to the anecdotes & theories with in the book - it's very likely that you will have visited most retailers/ banks mentioned. Terry shows so much passion about customer services and it is very infectious. I found myself picturing various shops and thinking of ways of how they could be improved."

(J Lieser, 2010)

"Highly entertaining read on a subject that you could consider rather boring. As an expert at shopping, I found the intricacy of queuing really very interesting and enjoyed all the anecdotes. Amazing to learn how guided we are by the arrangement of store furniture and how the customer experience can be made so much better with such simple solutions. Quick and entertaining read for anyone who has ever stood in a queue."

(Mrs.Emma Walton, 2010)


"I read this book in one sitting! I found I just couldn't put in down. Very well presented, the author brings what I expected would be a very dry subject to life with humour and personal anecdotes. The book charts the history and development of the science of queue management systems and the companies that pioneered them. It helps that the author was a founder of many of these systems as we also get the opportunity to explore his learning as he developed his passion and craft. A really great read which involves a lot of familiar high street names."
(G Kelsey, 2010)


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